This online event is one of my absolute favorite migraine resources. Each year, the Migraine World Summit interviews 31 leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists from around the world to help answer the most difficult questions for migraine patients in desperate need of relief. The event is free while it’s live for a week each April, but for those who miss out or cannot attend, all the interview recordings and more (including treatment guides, video, and transcripts) are available to order here. The information I learn from this event is very high quality, has supported me in becoming an engaged and informed patient, given me hope, and educated me significantly about migraine as a neuro-biological disease. 

The AMF is a non profit organization founded in 2010 by the American Headache Society to provide access to information and resources for individuals with migraine as well as their family and friends. Useful free educational guides including "What Type of Headache do You Have?", "Migraine at Work" and "Emergency Room Guide for Migraine Patients" can be found on their site. Their "Move Against Migraine" initiative has an active Facebook support group with research updates, information, and Facebook Live events featuring leading migraine and headache experts. Subscribe to their email list and connect with them on social media to stay up to date!

Migraine Again is a wellness community that discusses all aspects of living and coping with migraine. A wide variety of contributors write articles on the site and they cover everything from botox for chronic migraine to navigating relationships with friends and family. If you're feeling alone or overwhelmed, this is an excellent resource to get support and feel like there are others who understand what you are going through. Look for Migraine Again on social media too! Their Facebook group and Instagram are both great resources. 

The Daily Migraine was one of the first online support resources I stumbled upon. Their social media presence is strong and I have found comfort and reassurance from seeing community members who can relate so accurately to the challenges of living with migraine. I highly recommend following their social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram. Lisa posts new treatment ideas to try, research updates, and very relatable content. Also, she offers free downloadable forms, including an Appointment Companion and Treatment Log, which have helped me effectively prepare for appointments with my headache specialist.

This campaign has some great resources on their website, including a Migraine Impact Assessment (useful to bring to doctors' appointments) and personalized email tips. By reading others' stories, you can find new tools and better understand symptoms, triggers and management. 


Teri Robert/ MIgraine NInja

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I first heard Teri speak at the 2018 Migraine World Summit. She is a a leading patient educator and advocate in the migraine field with lots of experience and practical tips. She wrote the book, Living Well With Migraine Disease: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know, which empowers patients to take charge of their care and lives with compassion and understanding. She also has an excellent online letter for friends and family full of information and empathy to facilitate better understanding of migraine disease. Her Migraine Ninja blog is an excellent resource for information, coping skills and relatable content.  

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