In 2019 I Will...


I was surprised by the power of writing “In 2019 I will…” at the top of a blank page and letting it sit there by itself for a few moments. As I stared at the words and all of the blank space below, I brainstormed what I wanted to write, who I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish in this new year.

The image of these words at the top of a blank page made me feel hopeful and full of possibility. Beginning each bullet point on my list with “I will…” was empowering; it emphasized just how much influence I have through my thoughts, actions and behavior to support the life I am trying to create. Once I started writing things down, the list flowed so freely, more so than I had anticipated.

This exercise was both insightful and deeply satisfying for my list-loving soul. If you like lists or want to get clear on your vision for 2019, I highly recommend you put on a good playlist, pull out a notebook, and give yourself 10-15 minutes to sit and brain dump like this! There is something so powerful about putting your intentions onto paper. Writing them into reality. Authoring your story, your life.

*p.s. you don’t have to do this at the beginning of January. Do it today, tomorrow, or in April. It’s the intention that matters.

Below is the list that I came up with. I’m so excited to work on actionable steps to bring these intentions to life and continue growing, learning, sharing and connecting. Happy 2019!

In 2019 I will…

Walking into 2019 like with a hopeful heart and the best doggo I know…

Walking into 2019 like with a hopeful heart and the best doggo I know…

  • Navigate life with greater grace and ease

  • Be an instrument of love every day, creating ripples of kindness and warmth 🥰

  • Attach less weight to the words of doctors, remind myself often that I know what to do

  • Worry less about what other people think 💭

  • Live my life right now, less waiting until I’m “better”, and more working with where I am

  • Take more big belly breaths 🌬

  • Know deeply that I am only responsible for me; continue to work on energetic boundaries and loving without feeling responsible for others’ happiness

  • Keep meditating. The more I do it, the better I feel. 🧘‍♀️

  • Continue defining my joy list and make it a priority to do the things that make me feel grateful to be alive

  • Lower my reactivity over the little things, use breath as a tool to pause before reacting

  • Continue to share authentically and grow Mindful Migraine (even when it feels scary!) 🧠

  • Heal strategically; one day at a time. Little changes add up to to big results.

  • Release fears about my health; it can, will and is all working out 💫

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