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Exercise and chronic illness (…okay movement in general and chronic illness…) can be difficult to navigate. Establishing an exercise routine presents unique challenges when you face unpredictable symptoms and unreliable health on a daily basis. Getting up every morning to go on a 3 mile walk isn’t necessarily always an issue of “mind over matter”. Some days, it’s physically just not an option, no matter how much mental energy you expend tying to make it happen.

My movement “routine” changes every single day based how I’m feeling and what symptoms I’m dealing with. Sometimes my “exercise” is doing a guided meditation on the floor while I gently stretch (yes, even a meditation where you’re “supposed to” sit still!). Other days it is rolling out my yoga mat and following one of these gentle yoga videos. When I can’t handle looking at screens, I’ll pop in my earphones and do a 10 minute Yoga Wake Up class (linked below). Sometimes I’ll just play one of my favorite songs and mindfully do stretches on the floor. On good days, it’s a nice long walk outside with my dog, Finn. And on my really good days, its a 30 minute peloton pop ride with my favorite instructor Cody Rigsby 🤟

Finding ways to invite movement into your routine is personal and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do so. I hope you enjoy checking out some of these resources, they have all been hugely helpful for me!

Pain Management Guided Meditation , Dr. Beth Darnell at Stanford Pain Medicine

Pain Management Guided Meditation, Dr. Beth Darnell at Stanford Pain Medicine

Exercise + Invisible Illness , Actively Autoimmune (one of my insta besties!)

Exercise + Invisible Illness, Actively Autoimmune (one of my insta besties!)

Get Bendy , by Elle Fit Active

Get Bendy, by Elle Fit Active

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