Weighted Blanket Review: Chronic Coziness

I am soooo excited to be sharing this post with you guys because I have been completely obsessed with my weighted blanket since the night it arrived. I’m not kidding; it arrived on a Friday, and I seriously considered writing a blog post for the following Tuesday about how wonderful it was. However, I wanted to be a responsible reviewer and give it a good trial run before writing about my experience using it.


After many suggestions from the #instafam and lots of research, I ended up ordering the 15lb Space Grey Gravity Blanket (which you can get $25 off until 11/11 using the code AUTUMN2018). I chose this brand primarily because of the removable duvet cover, gridded stitching to keep the weighted beads from clumping and personal reviews. In addition, I like that it is throw sized, so it’s easy for me to carry from my bed to the couch, depending on where I am resting.

I also had some brand familiarity, as I’d ordered their weighted sleep mask a few weeks before pulling the trigger on the blanket. Sidenote: I really like the weighted sleep mask and have found that it helps me fall asleep when my eyes are hurting. The mild pressure on my eyes is relaxing for me. Anyway, I loved using the mask so much that I had confidence that the blanket would be of similar or superior quality.

Until looking into purchasing one for myself, I had no idea there was so much variety in the weighted blanket world! It really is worth your time to check out several brands and poke around their websites. Some offer unique features that others do not: like a washable duvet cover, sensory fabric, flannel vs. cotton, size and weight variations. Some of the reviews I read pointed out things to be most wary of including: 1) blankets without gridded stitching, to avoid it feeling like a giant bean bag, and 2) blankets without a washable duvet cover.

Some of the other brands recommended by our insta community are:


In general, the blankets are supposed to be about 10% of your body weight (I have the 15lb blanket). They claim to help reduce anxiety, insomnia and stress. They also can be used to help promote general feelings of relaxation and calm. I have absolutely noticed that I’m able to get to sleep faster, and stay asleep more consistently since I started using this blanket every night. I’ve always liked the feeling of tonnnns of blankets piled on top of me, and that’s pretty much how I would describe how it feels to be under the gravity blanket (although not as overheating as 4 blankets + a duvet…aka: my old homemade “weighted blanket” situation).

In my opinion, as far as the pros and cons of a weighted blanket, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, but in the spirit of full disclosure here are my unfiltered views so far:


  • Overall, more restful and relaxed full night’s sleep

  • Comforting and calming when resting/audiobooking/reading/podcasting/ in bed

  • Soft cozy outer duvet that is washable (can also purchase other colors of duvet covers to #mixitup)

  • Throw size makes it easy to move around your home (this is also on the con list for another reason)


  • 1000x less likely to sleep under the duvet, which means: less cuddling with my boyfriend + interrupted sheet washing schedule

  • Throw size not big enough for two people to sleep under together comfortably

  • Definitely pricey $$$

  • Return policy (can return if unhappy in first 30 days, but buyer responsible for shipping fees)

Puppy approved ✅

Puppy approved ✅

Do you use a weighted blanket? What brand do you have and do you like it? If you have any questions about the Gravity blanket, please drop them below in the comments or message me, I’d be happy to try and help!

Also: this post is not sponsored in any way (although…heyy Gravity Blankets…if you’re reading this, I would love to sponsor your product!). I’m just genuinely luvin’ my new blanket and wanted to share because I did a lot of research before finally choosing this bad boy! 😍

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